Help Your Baby Get To Grips With Crawling

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We have highlighted the importance of crawling and its benefits for your child many times.

There are lots of things that you can do to help encourage your baby to crawl and to reach this vital developmental milestone.

The best thing you can do of course is get an Easy Grip Crawl Suit. 🙂 The research that we at COGNIKIDS™ have been conducting over the last 2 years would indicate and support the belief that modern floor surfaces are providing a challenge for babies trying to crawl. In fact, you guys have been generous with your feedback and continue to tell us the difference that an Easy Grip Crawl Suit is making to your little ones while crawling.

Due to the decline of carpets and the growing popularity of shiny, slippery floors babies are skipping this stage- Our Easy Grip Crawl suit aims to solve this problem with our unique gripper technology.

Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Bug
COGNIKIDS™ Easy Grip Bug

It is important to remember that all children develop at a different pace and some may reach milestones earlier than others. Usually babies begin to crawl between 6 months and 10 months, however our own research has shown that recently babies are actually crawling later, so do not be alarmed if your baby is not crawling, yet they may well reach this milestone later.

We must remember not to rush baby as he or she will crawl when they are ready to do so, however there are a few little things you can do to encourage this movement.

  1. Tummy Time

Try and place baby on their tummy from one week on. Start gently, even 10/15 seconds a couple of times a day is enough at the beginning as he may find it uncomfortable. As they get a little bit older, 6 weeks on, you can begin to increase time spent doing tummy time once he has become more comfortable and developed some muscle control.

As baby gets older he will be able to lift and support his own head and pull his knees up under himself – sure signs that he is ready to get moving.

Tummy time does not have to be on the ground – it can also be be laying on top of you or your partner- skin to skin contact is good for baby too 🙂

Tip: Avoid tummy time directly after a feed unless you want to see the feed again J Or when baby is tired, as it can be quite the workout! 🙂

  1. Get Down On It

You can encourage crawling by getting down on the ground with your baby and showing them how it’s done. Baby will think you are having fun together and will want to copy you.

This is very important for 1st babies who have no other role models to copy.

  1. Make it Fun

It is important to make learning to crawl fun for your little one. At the beginning it can be uncomfortable but as they get more used to it and grow in confidence, baby will love time spent on the ground learning how to move their body.

You can use games to make it more fun, like taking their favourite toy and leaving it just out of reach so they have to crawl to get to it.

Have pretend races to baby’s toys and if you are enjoying yourself you can be sure baby is too.

  1. Cause a Road Block

Our personal favourite involves using an obstacle course, baby is encouraged to move over different textures such as blankets and cushions and this helps develop their sense of movement, space and helps with muscle development.

Tip: Try using a childs tunnel for baby to crawl through- they will love it!

The most important thing to do is to remember to make tummy time enjoyable for baby and they will be comfortable and more confident.

*never leave baby unattended during tummy time

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